Monday, August 04, 2008

Up To My Eyeballs in Paper


After a very busy first week at the new job, tonight I finally got around to sorting some of the various paper that has come into my life through signing with a new school district, renting a new apartment, and other various things that have sort of piled up.

And I did some of the mundane little tasks, like printing up some address labels to make mailing stuff easier. To my left is a large pile of garbage. To my right, a large stack of stuff that needs to be shredded. On the kitchen counter--a very large stack of stuff that needs to be mailed or turned in to various people at various places.

For example, I was supposed to show proof that I have a PG&E account before taking posession of the apartment. Ooops. I guess I must look trustworthy or something, because I've been here two weeks and still haven't turned that in. It's on the To Do List for tomorrow.

In all the craziness of the last few weeks, I missed a very important day--July 27 marked the FOURTH anniversary of everyone's favorite LPB, The Wild and Absolutely True Adventures of Meg. I've actually managed to keep this thing going for four years! I love my blog. It's an outlet for me, and something I'm proud of. It's been across the world with me, and it's like an old friend. Every once in a while, I go through old stories; sometimes randomly, sometimes with a specific event in mind. I enjoy revisiting the memories, and I often use my blog updates in my scrapbooking to tell the story behind the pictures.

I'm still feeling pretty good. I had a short meeting with the principal today, and told her I'm very happy at the school. She seemed flattered, and she, in turn, told me that my colleagues have told her they love it that already I am becoming involved and active in the school. So it's looking like a good situation.

I'm tired when I get home from work each day, but it's a good tired. My classes fly by in a whirlwind of activity. I'm on my feet a lot, and they do keep me running. I find that my late-afternoon energy depletion is easily remedied by a small, healthy dinner.

Mom and Dad visited yesterday, to take some of the empty moving boxes off my hands and see what I've done with the place. Last time they saw it, one bedroom was floor-to-ceiling boxes, and nothing was arranged yet. Now it's quite homey. The neighborhood and surrounding area are nice. Lots of trees, well-manicured yards and such. Dad said, "You did good." High praise, indeed. :)

I've solved a lot of my storage issues, which is how it came to be that I have patio furniture under my bed (!) and a bookcase in the closet off the kitchen (hey, it makes a nice pantry). Millie is settled in. She's got food, water, a potty pan, and me. She's just fine.

And so am I.

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