Thursday, August 28, 2008

"She's One of Us!"

It's no secret that I am a complete Neat Freak. With capital letters. Case in point: I've just spent the last two-and-a-half hours doing some minor cleaning in preparation for...going out of town this weekend. Yep.

Well, think about it: I can't leave the garbage growing nasty stuff under the sink, or the damp towels molding in the washing machine. The carpet was looking a little rough with debris, so I ran the vacuum around. Hung some clothes up, folded some laundry, etc. I'm feeling quite satisfied.

But I digress. The title of this post is not about my clean little apartment, but rather a funny little incident that happened to Little Miss Organized at work yesterday.

I had treated myself to a small pouch of Hershey's Kissables (Special Dark--yum!) the night before, and brought them in my lunch box. After eating my little microwave meal and a small tub of applesauce, I was eager to dig in to the chocolate.

Three other 7th/8th grade teachers and the school's curriculum advisor happened to be in the teaher's lounge with me at the time, and conversation was flowing along at a nice pace as I sorted my Kissables into neat little pairs by color.

Yes, yes, it's one of those wierd little things I do.

Anyway, I was doing it without even thinking about it, putting the little brown ones together, then the red, then the purple, then the lavender. Suddenly, I noticed it was sort of quiet in the room, and two of the teachers, a couple of gals who are about my age, were looking at me with funny looks, watching my little display of Obsessive Candy Sorting. One was whispering.

I must have had a baffled look on my face because Stacy burst out laughing and said, "Pam just leaned over and whispered, 'She's one of us!'"

Who knew that fitting in at my new job would be all about my strange eating habits? :P

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