Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It's only taken me, what, a month? Without further ado...some pics of my new apartment.

First, we had to settle in. For Millie, this meant finding a place where she could be in control of her situation. She's an agile cat, and she likes high the top of the cabinets above the fridge must have seemed ideal. Once she was settled in comfortably (and I'd finally arranged the living room), she was happy to have her Sweet Spot available. Oh, and the bird TV is fabulous.

As you walk in the front door, the kitchen/dinette is to the left:

I won't be putting a table in the dinette area--the hutch just doesn't give much room for that. The closet is being used as a pantry. The boxes stacked next to it are Grandma's china--pretty much the last thing I have to unpack.

Still entering the apartment, to the right is the living room. I put the computer at one end, so I can work on lesson plans and such while watching TV. Plus, the second bedroom isn't big enough to be an office, craft room AND Snoopy display place...two outta three ain't bad, right?

The next two are closeups of my infamous London Shrine (still working on getting it "just right") and my tea table setup. Cute, no? The Cabbage Patch Kid is Delinda Eleanor. She was my first (of ten) "Cabbies," and she is an original. The first Christmas they were out, they were nearly impossible to get--the 1980-something equivilent of Tickle Me Elmo--but Mom and Dad managed. Never say I take that for granted, as there's Delinda, in my living room.

Across the living room to the kitchen...the stereo is on the chair because I'm taking it to school soon. I never use it at home; it's all about iTunes.

My's tiny and has way less storage than my last one, but I'm learning to work in it. Less to mop, that's for sure!

So...the 2nd bedroom. Yeah, it's still a mess. Hey, on move-in day, it was wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling boxes. Now at least I can move around in there, but I have a ways to go before I can actually use the table for scrapbooking. I have started finding creative ways to display my gargantuan Snoopy collection (there's still one box I haven't unpacked). It's coming!

Across from the 2nd bedroom is my teensy-weensy bathroom. I almost have to close the door to brush my teeth.

Finally, my bedroom, at the very back of the apartment. I have a travel theme going...and an enormous closet. I love the closet. Makes up for the small kitchen and bath!

And that's it. I still have some organizing to do, and power cords to hide and such. But mostly I'm settled in, and I like it. It's home.

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