Friday, July 11, 2008

Rosie's Home!!

Thirty-seven hundred dollars later, my little Rosie Pro is finally home where she belongs. She looks amazing--the body shop did a great job fixing the door and obliterating the scratches. I am so pleased.

I've been driving a rented Toyota Camry all week. It's a very nice car, but I am glad to have my familiar little Mazda back. Rosie is just my size--the Camry isn't that much bigger, but it felt like a tank in comparison. It had all kinds of cool little features that my car doesn't have--I could control the radio from the steering wheel, a button on the key that opens the trunk, and stuff like that--but it also took a lot more gas than I am used to paying for in one fill-up! I am loving my simple, unglamorous car more than ever.

In other cool news...I got a new cell phone! I finally bit the bullet and bought a "cooler" phone than the freebie one I've been using since 2005. My new one is red (ooh la la!) and has a camera in it--cool for taking sign pics and whatnot when I don't have my digital camera with me. I've only just started to figure it out. That's half the fun.

New phone, and a car that's looking much, much better. The evidence of that vicious vandalism is gone, and I can move on with things.

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