Monday, May 19, 2008

For the Birds

A few weeks ago, I had the bright idea to put a small tray of wild bird food (sunflower seeds, basically, without the salt) on my patio, in the hopes of attracting the neighborhood birds. I had been fearing that there wasn't much on Bird TV for Millie, and figured that she and I would both enjoy a little bit more communing with nature.

Plus, there's a little finch couple nesting somewhere near my apartment, and I thought I'd be neighborly and offer some refreshments.

For days and days, the seed remained untouched. I had pretty much given up when I came back from a long weekend at Mom and Dad's to find the tray empty. Success!

I put out more seed and sure enough, it diminished little by little. The only problem? I still wasn't seeing any birds.

Yesterday, I noticed Millie sitting in the window, making little chirping sounds and flicking her tail back and forth in the manner of a stalking feline. Cautiously, so as not to freak my new avian friends out, I crept to the window to take a look.

Now I know where all that seed is going.


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