Thursday, May 29, 2008

Doll Clothes

Well, I'm moving in a month. It looks like, at this point, I'll be moving to Mom and Dad's, at least temporarily.

In preparation for moving, I have been going through my stuff and weeding things out--some hardback books that I don't read (if I want to read them at some point, I can get them in paperback at the used bookstore), a TON of Beanie Babies (it's all about eBay!!), and doll clothes.

When I moved into this apartment, Mom and Dad shoved a couple of boxes at me, saying, "These are your old Cabbage Patch Kids. You get to keep them now. We don't have room." So I shoved the boxes in my storage closet and there they've stayed.

Tonight I went through the boxes and culled out the doll clothes that just aren't very cute, or that aren't authentic "CPK" clothes. I kept the authentic stuff, and the little dresses (with matching bloomers!) that Mom made for my ten--yes ten--Cabbage Patch Kids.

The problem is, everything was wadded up in the box. Everything was wrinkled and smelling musty. What to do?

That explains why I had doll clothes in my washing machine tonight. And why I'll be spending Saturday ironing them and folding them carefully.

Exciting times in Meg's apartment.

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