Saturday, September 23, 2006


I have now seen three of the four movies that Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall made together, and let me just say that the chemistry between those two was enough to knock my socks off! More and more I agree with all of the polls that list Bogey as the best male actor ever. He really had a presence and charisma that the Brad Pitts and Tom Cruises of the world lack now.

Today I watched Key Largo and To Have And Have Not. Both were excellent, but I have to say that I liked To Have And Have Not best. Especially seeing as how they met making this movie, and the attraction and chemistry just screams from them in every scene.

Bacall was 19 years old, and Bogey 44. Despite the age difference and the fact that he was married when they met, they fell in love, and it was one of the romances of the century.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: these classic movies are brilliant. Most of today's movies have nothing on them, even with improved special effects. We've become so desensitized to nudity and sex scenes, it is a shock to the system to see how sexy one kiss between Bogey and Bacall can be--fully clothed, no [visable] tongue, and lasting no more than a few seconds.

And the dialogue! Who can top Bacall's Slim looking at Bogey's Steve through her eyelashes and saying, "You do know how to just put your lips together, and...blow."

The look on that man's face made my heart flutter in my chest.



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