Monday, September 18, 2006

Lazy Girl Lasagna

So yesterday I made one of my favorite meals, a pasta bake. Every once in a while, I throw one together (pasta, zuchini, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, pasta sauce, ricotta cheese) and it makes a good, hearty, mostly healthy meal that lasts for days.

I took some to school today and a colleague commented that it looked really good. I was telling her how I make it and she said, "It's sort of a last-minute lasagna."

"Yeah, for lazy girls. Yeah! Lazy Girl Lasagna."

My colleague laughed at that, and I thereby decided that I'll no longer call this particular dish "pasta bake."

Well, Now I'm Crying

Just finished the last two episodes of "Band of Brothers," which always leaves me a bit weepy. I can't describe just how moving and well-done this miniseries is.

And that's it for today!



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