Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day Report

Well, I made it!

Thanks for all of the good luck wishes by internet and phone, by the way. : )

I arrived at school at 7:30 this morning to find the band teacher getting out of his car. I walked over to say good morning. He smiled and said, "Are you ready?"

"I have some serious butterflies, here."

And I did--which is good. I think teachers should be prepared for anything to happen. The good news is, by the end of 4th period, my butterflies were gone.

The first day was hectic, of course, but it went quite well. The kids were respectful and quiet (though the after-lunch classes were a bit more "excited" because they'd just eaten, but that's normal). The kids seem to be really excited, especially in the top-level groups that are made up of kids who love to sing and have worked hard to make it into these audition-only groups.

In the end, my only complaint is that my feet are killing me. : P I wore "professional" heels and spent much of the day on my feet. I had to go to the grocery store on the way home and must have made a sight, leaning on the shopping cart with a weary expression on my face, moaning ever-so-slightly each time I put a foot down.

Tomorrow we start the block schedule, in which we see three classes a day, for 100 minutes each. With the administrative stuff (Policies, grading, rules, etc.) behind us, tomorrow, we'll sing. I have a few pieces picked out to start off, and I'm ordering more as I can. The big thing for tomorrow is to find out what I've got to work with. So far, it looks like I've got a lot of talent. Very exciting!

Right--I've got some planning to do and then, it's to bed with a book for a bit. I'm exhausted! It's a good exhausted, though. I think I'm going to enjoy teaching high school.



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