Monday, June 19, 2006

California Girl? Forget That.

I'm a California Driver!

Yes folks, it is true. I drove back into this state yesterday, and despite the Washinton plates on my car, I fit right in on the highways. In other words, I want to be off of them as soon as possible.

Some stories from my most recent adventures (as ever, Wild and Absolutely True).

Improving Seattle's Economy

Heather and I hit three of Seattle's best offerings: Old Navy, The Gap and Macy's. Last time she came to Seattle, we did the tourist stuff. This time, we shopped. One pair of jeans, three cute tops and a Clinique blusher later, I made out pretty good.

Saturday night we spent a large amount of money at Amber, a hip new restaurant in Belltown. We both had steaks, and enjoyed flirting with our adorable waiter. Good times!

More Evidence

We really were twins in a past life.

On Friday night, as Heather settled into our airport near SeaTac, we were doing our normal chattering and giggling when I noticed her purse on the desk.


I walked over for a closer look, and sure enough:

"Heather, a few months ago I went to Macy's and I came thisclose to buying this very purse."

"You're kidding!"

So it turns out that even when 800 miles apart, we have an uncanny ability to shop alike.

"Just Keep Going South."

The bad news about driving from Seattle to Sacramento is that it's a long haul (780 miles or thereabouts, and about 12 hours of drive time). The good news is that you hop on I-5 Southbound in Seattle and you stay on it until you hit Sacramento. No maps, no confusion. Just point the car south and press the gas pedal. Stop occasionally for food, water, sugar, the loo, gas, a stretch.

Wonder aloud why the rest stop bathroom in the middle of Oregon does NOT have any soap (not out of soap, but no soap dispensers to begin), then dig in the back of the car for those wash-and-wipes you know are in there.

And who knew Oregon could go on for so long? It's so small-looking on the map (relative to say, California) but driving it felt like driving across Texas. It just went on and on and on...It did provide its moments of hilarity, however.

For Example

Anyone up for a trip to Drain? Yep, Drain. That town name provided at least 2 hours of giggling. Williamsville, on the other hand, seemed to be a pretty slow place. We stopped there for a Starbucks and it seems to be the happening place in town. I've never seen a line so long in a Starbucks...well, except the one in SeaTac, but that's an airport, not a middle-of-nowhere town.

Lay of the Land

Washington = Green, green, green and trees, trees, trees. Even the farmland is very green, and there are a lot of long, tree-lined stretches.

Oregon is much the same. Then you pass that cute little "Welcome to California!" sign and in the snap of a finger, the grass is yellow, the terrain is much drier, and the trees are scrubbier. It's not a bad change, but it is such a dramatic change, it's almost scary.

It's also familiar in a comforting sort of way.

The other dramatic change between the two PNW states and California is the mood on the highways. California drivers, I am not kidding, are overall, more agressive and self-centered than those in Oregon and Washington.

The New Gig

Drove to Antioch today to meet my new boss (very nice) and the band teacher (also very nice and very helpful).

I was driving throuh town, thinking I might have missed the left turn onto the street the school is on when I came around a bend and saw, through some trees, a huge gray building with the word "Wolverines" painted in teal. My first thought was, "Holy Cow!!" I knew it was the school. It is HUGE! I knew it would be, with an enrollment of 3500, but actually seeing it was pretty amazing.

I'm feeling overwhelmed and excited all at once. Lots to do and think about in the next few weeks!


I had a two-hour nap this afternoon, upon my return to the hotel. I woke up at about 6:30, to find Dad gently announcing that he'd brought me some dinner. I had Millie on my lap and the Terrible Two on my feet, and Mom reported that I'd been snoring. I guess I needed that.

And That's All For Now

Tomorrow is move-in day at the new house, so there's more fun to be had. For now, I need some more sleep and laziness. I've earned it!



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