Sunday, March 26, 2006

Well, That Rules Out Mississippi

Not that I was considering it in the first place...but when you've got politicians who are more worried about "public morality" than the fact that you can buy a gun without a waiting period at a gun show, well, it sort of makes me think that their priorities are just a teensy weensy bit out of whack.

What am I talking about?

There is a state law in Mississippi banning the sale of sex toys. God forbid you buy an "intimate device" for private use in your own home. Instead, why don't you go to the gun show and buy a shotgun?

The pure craziness of the issues people take on with such fervor absolutely astounds me.

**For the record--my stance on sex toys as a form of entertainment shall remain private, thankyouverymuch, but I just had to comment on the stupidity of this law, when there are much bigger issues to worry about.

I Have to Say, I'm Glad For This Man

My Western sensibilities just can't tolerate the thought of someone being put to death for converting to another religion in the 21st century. I was unsure what role I wanted the U.S. and its allies to have in bringing about freedom for this man, but I certainly did not want to see him killed, either.

I don't look at it as a "victory for Christianity" or anything like that. I look at it as a victory for freedom of thought and religion. I only hope that in my lifetime, the people who were calling for his death will see it that way, too.

Way To Go, Dougal MacHealthy!

I'm so proud of the Scots! First they had the intelligence to produce the Cooper family (my great-great-grandfather, John Savage Cooper, was born in Scotland, and came to America in the 1870s. I was the first of his line to go back...just a little point I'm proud of), but now they are banning smoking in pubs and restaurants. Good for them!

Of course, it will be a difficult change for some, but really, they'll start to love it when they can pull totties in tartens without risking lung cancer.

Maybe another trip to Scotland is in order...

A Horrible Day for Motorsports

Indy Racing League driver Paul Dana died from injuries sustained in a practice crash today. I don't follow IRL racing, only NASCAR, but a death in any series sends shock waves through all of motorsports. It brings home the danger of this sport.

My thoughts go out to his family, friends and teammates tonight.

Big News in Aviation

The Airbus A380 passed it's safety test today. As someone who loves long-haul travelling, this could be potentially big news for me (future trips between London and San Francisco perhaps?).

How Compatible Are You?

Yeah, it's a bit wierd, but it's also kinda fun...find your favorite celebrity (alphabetized by first name) and find out how compatible you are based on biorythms...

Overall, I am 67% compatible with my favorite NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Cold Case

It's almost time for Cold Case, a show my parents got me hooked on. So I'm going to sign off from this blog update and go enjoy.


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