Saturday, March 04, 2006

Day Tripper Part Deux

Poor Little Pink Blog couldn't hold anymore in one post!

Okay, so we left off on the Space Needle, 520 feet up. Here's downtown and Elliott Bay:

Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains in the distance (I live very near the mountains):

East of Downtown:

Close-up of Downtown:

Ferry on Elliott Bay (most likely the Bainbridge Ferry):

I spent some time up top, enjoying the view, calling Mom and Dad and leaving a message for Melissa. I had an Italian Soda from the only Starbucks at that altitude in Seattle, then went back down to the ground. Once safely on solid ground again, I took this very cool shot:

I finally found the bus I'd been looking for, and took it about 5 minutes west to Pike Street. Got off there and walked three blocks to the market and Kells, my favorite Irish pub in Seattle. Had a lovely meal of shepherd's pie and salad, then I set off to walk through part of the famous Pike Street Market.

Famous sign:

Next I took this picture of an extremely nasty creature called a monk fish:

I stopped by a coin shop to get my brother a birthday present (he collects coins, and will be 35 on the 14th--don't worry, I'm not spoiling anything, he doesn't have much to do with the internet, so he won't see this blog).

Then I made my way down (literally--lots of stairs) to the waterfront. I found myself across the street from the Seattle Aquarium and thought, "Heh...I'd kinda like to see that."

A pic of the Belltown district of Seattle while I waited in line to buy a ticket:

It was great! Parts of it are open air, creating a nice envioronment for some of the mammals they have.


Sea Otters:

Star fish:

Star fish with some little dead fish trapped...disgusting, yet morbidly fascinating:

Now this is cool--you walk through a huge dome, and you are surrounded by sea life:

Salmon overhead (they're just babies...):

A tide pool:

After the aquarium, I started back towards the fery terminal, stopping to take some waterfront pics (following) and poking into the touristy shops along the way.

Finally, it was time to go. My feet were killing me, my legs felt like mush, and I was getting tired. I got on the Bainbridge ferry and set off towards my car and the journey home. Of course, I had to get some pics of Seattle in the light of the setting sun...

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