Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hey, Who's in Charge Here, Anyway?

Me! Yes, me. The one with the bachelor's degree.

Eleven-year-olds. They know everything, you know. And suddenly I'm an evil, evil woman because I gave someone a pink slip (referral) for eating in my classroom. One little busybody calls out, "But you didn't give him a warning!"

Smile. "I don't have to give him a warning. It's been on my posted expectations these six months: 'No food, drink or gum in the classroom.'"

"Yeah, but--"

"Right, class, 'New York, New York,' from the top!"

But there is some good news. One child, who has some extreme behavioral problems, has been removed from my classroom permanently. That's one down, 45 to go. I'm kidding. Most of my kids are great. But boy, they have their moments.

The best news of all, however, is that I have an extremely supportive administrator. Unlike England, where I could never find a Head or Deputy Head when I really needed help, here, the one person in charge (Mrs. Principal) is on top of things. She's great.

Meanwhile, I came home and got everything I didn't finish yesterday (boxing my Snoopy stuff, music stuff, etc.) finished. Then I vacuumed the craft room, the bridge, and my bedroom. It looks great up here. Next step: The rest of the house.

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