Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's Just Scrazy

Middle school kids on a windy day are scrazy.

Driving in California is scrazy.

Taking the elevator to the 900-feet-high top of the Eiffel Tower is scrazy.

What does scrazy mean, exactly?

It's what you get when you add one tired middle school music teacher, her equally tired friend in California, and AOL Instant Messenger. I meant to type "scary" but somehow, in the middle of this, my brain thought, "No, you mean 'crazy'" and that was that. My brilliant mind came up with a new word. : P

It's scrazy how I do that sometimes. It was pointed out to me at that point in the conversation that "kindergato" was a great invention, too.

But yes, it's been a bit on the scrazy side today...when you combine a fire drill, an assembly, and high winds, you get crazy kids. Every school I've worked at, people will comment on how rowdy the kids get on windy days. It's right up there with full moons. Things were just a teensy bit out of normal routine today and the kids just barely cope with it. Remind me not to dye my hair blue or anything. That might just send them into overload.


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