Friday, December 17, 2004

This and That

Assorted tidbits as I prepare for my departure...

The second karaoke was a success, and I drew a lot of cheers again, for which I was flattered. I got a lot of compliments throughout the day from staff and students.

After school we had a lunch for the staff. The senior staff (the head, deputy heads, assistant heads, etc) were the serving staff! It was great. I got some pictures of my fellow staff, including one of the Head and I. As Kathy took the picture, David put an arm around my shoulders and said, "Now you can show the Americans that some English people are not afraid to be touchy-feely!" He is a funny guy, and a good leader.

I am off to London this afternoon, to spend two nights. Sunday morning bright and early will find me hopping on the Piccadily line at the Earl's Court tube station and riding to Heathrow Airport. At 11:00 (GMT) I will take off from Heathrow (barring any delays) and hope to touch down at San Francisco at 2:05 (PST). It will be amazing to see Mom and Dad waiting on the other side of customs.

So, off I go! I will try to update from home a few times.



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