Saturday, December 11, 2004

I've still got it!!


Now that I've got that out of my system, I'll explain what I'm crowing about.

I went out last night in dodgy Chelmsford. One of my fellow young femal teachers, Aideen, is leaving St. Peter's, and last night was her farewell dinner. So a bunch of us young, single female teachers got dolled up and went for Indian food. I got a ride with Louisa, the media teacher. She's a nice gal--it was good to spend some time with her outside of school (where talk inevitably turns to this kid, that kid, this educational issue, that meeting).

Anyhow, dinner was lovely, and Louisa and I had agreed weeks ago that after, we weren't really up for the whole club thing. We thought perhaps everyone would agree to hit one nice, respectable pub before Louisa and I called it a night and everyone else went on to the too-loud, thick-with-smoke, tarted-up bars and clubs of Chelmsford.

Well, one of Aideen's friends (who does not work at St. Peter's) is one of those kind of leader-types and everyone just defers to what she wants to do. And what she wanted was to go to Toad.


I've been there once before and it plays horrible music, packs itself to the gils with scantily-clad gals and drooling guys, and the air is always thick with smoke and booze.

Quite frankly, I felt like a sardine with lung cancer.

Louisa and I didn't really want to go in but we had not had much opportunity to chat to Aideen at dinner, so in we went. I had a rum and Coke, Louisa (the designated driver) had a Coke, and we stood around being bumped and rubbed and jostled by the horny crowd for about 30 or 40 minutes before calling it a night.

But the best part of this story is that the whole time we were there, a semi-cute guy kept walking by me and smiling. I'd kind of smile back, toss my hair, and think, "Okay, come say hello..."

But nothing. He just stood there!

Now, perhaps he's shy, but I still think if you're gonna repeatedly walk by a girl in a club and give her a moony smile, you at least need to back it up if you want something to happen...especially if you see this girl smiling back.

Of course, he has no way of knowing that I'm absolutely not the kind of gal who wills sashay on over and start throwing myself at him.

So Louisa and I left, giggling about being flirted with and grateful to get out of the noisy club. And I had that quiet but happy glow of a gal who has just realized she's still got it. I think I'll have to try that slightly unbuttoned cardigan look more often. : )

In other news...One week from tomorrow!!! Yes, folks, Meg is comin' in. Watch out, California!

But first I have a wild-and-crazy (and fun) week to get through. Tomorrow I plan to relax. Monday night I have the school carol service (I'm singing in the choir and doing a reading). Tuesday night is the Sixth Form awards night. Wednesday night--staff Christmas party. Thursday is the last day of the term, and the school is having a karaoke to raise money for charity. I'm singing "All I Want For Christmas is You" and some of my year 12 girls are doing a dance behind me. They're so excited--it's really cute. Thursday night might find me at a club called Rambler's, babysitting my Sixth Form kids and making sure they don't drink if they are not of age. Friday will find me on a train to London, Saturday will find me enjoying the lights along Regent Street, and Sunday will find me on Virgin Atlantic flight 19, bound for San Francisco.



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