Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Bored, bored, bored

I am bored.

Yep. Bored.

It's supposed to be this hectic, crazy week, but here I am, 4th period on Tuesday. Bored.

I have nothing to do.

Well, that's not entirely true. I could be digging into that gigantic mess in my filing cabinet (thanks again, Mr. Fraser, former music teacher of St. Peter's High School, for being not only a pack rat, but a disorganized one). But that takes way more commitment than I am feeling right now.

Besides, I can do the sorting and cleaning while my kidlets are pretending to watch the Nutcracker (but are really just flirting and socializing).

But on my free period, I have nothing to do. My desk is clean, I've been to the loo, I've had my lunch, I've checked my email (nothing...come on, people!!) and I've even chatted to a few people.

I suppose I could take a look at the compositions my year 10s turned in this morning...

All this griping about being bored has nothing to do with the rest of my week--it's only during my free periods since yesterday afternoon that I've been bored, because I've accomplished everything I'd set out to do (including typing up a comprehensive packing list and outline-formatted to-do list for the rest of the week).

My evenings are busy, however. Last night was the Carol Service. It was very nice. I sang with the staff choir, and did a reading (and thankfully managed to keep myself from being a motor mouth and stumbling over words!). It's the first time I've been in St. Mary's church, and it was gorgeous. It's a medieval church, and when I did my reading, I got to stand in the pulpit. Later Kathy asked me, "So, how did it feel to stand in a medieval pulpit?" Yikes! I actually did that!

Tonight I'll be at school for the Awards Evening. We're honouring our current Sixth Form students for their achievements last year.

In other news, one of my fellow new teachers pulled a runner. We all knew she was leaving at end of term, but oops! She kinda decided not to show up today. Talk about rude. I ended up covering one of her classes today. Apparently she had zero classroom management skills. It shows.

Right, I'd better drag my bored bottom out of this chair. All too soon it will be time for me to teach my 5th period class, then pick up some pictures (soon to be posted!) and then home for dinner, and then back for Awards Evening, and then tomorrow will not be boring, because I teach all 5 periods. And an after school class. And I have a staff party.

And have I mentioned that I'm coming home soon?

; )



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